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Secure solutions for a digital world: high performance software development, and expert advice on systems security.


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Security advice: protect yourself

You wouldn't leave your front door unlocked, would you? But are you doing the equivalent with your IT systems? Could hackers get in from the outside? If thieves stole your laptop or desktop, would they have access to your data? We can provide expert analysis and advice on securing your systems against cyber crime and data loss.

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Emergency help: back on your feet

If you've been hacked and your systems have been compromised, or if something strange has happened and you don't know if it's a security breach, you need to act fast. We can investigate the problem, help you recover your systems and data, and advise on securing your systems for the future.

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Software solutions: tailored for you

One of the biggest causes of inefficiency for small businesses is using outdated or inappropriate software. We can discuss your operations, and develop custom software to streamline your day-to-day activities and leave you more time to focus on real work. We specialise in both desktop applications and mobile apps.

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Saving money:

using open source

Commercial off-the-shelf software can be painfully expensive. But did you know that for more or less everything, from whole operating systems to individual applications, there is free and open source software with equivalent functionality? We can advise, assist and train with migrating your business to open source, and slash your IT expenditure in the process.


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Art gallery stock management

A new bespoke stock management system for Cadogan Contemporary, one of London's most well-regarded independent art galleries.

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An exciting and innovative system we're developing for instantaneous public display of photos taken on smartphones at parties and weddings. Coming soon!


An article in Times Higher Education about the work James conducted to demonstrate how Turnitin, one of the world's leading plagiarism detection systems, could be easily defeated.

Speaking at the European Parliament

The European Parliament invited James to be a panellist at its Privacy Platform on Surveillance, alongside Jacob Appelbaum, Ladar Levison and Troels Oerting. See the full video, or just James' speech.


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Dr James Heather

Managing Director

Publications list

James has extensive experience of working at the practical end of computer security and software development. For thirteen years he was an academic, conducting research into breaking security protocols, and formally verifying systems to prove their security. Much of this work was focused on practical aspects of secure verifiable voting systems design and implementation. He also has a long history of teaching computer security and software development (including Android development) at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

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